2-3 Boys

Convener - Michael Grenier
Team 1 - Orange/White
Mikhail Vassilik - vassilik86@yahoo.com 
Aleks WiezorekBenjamin FehrVladimir Vassilik
Darcy VothZiam KlassenJace Heide
Hudson NeufeldTy KlassenGriffin Wiebe
Oakley Enns

Team 2 - Navy/White
Corin Friesen - farmers_daughter444@hotmail.com
Crystal Loewen - ccloewen@hotmail.com
Benjamin PolstraBenjamin WhitecombeEthan Thiessen
Owen GroeningJudah LoewenLouis-Eddie Majer
Elijah LoewenLawson FriesenJayden Toews
Yusef Nematzhanov

Team 3 - White/Red
Jake Hildebrand - royalmb@hotmail.com
Daniel Loewen - ennsifer@hotmail.com
Bentley WielerBoston HandLiam Friesen
Rylan KehlScotty WallBarrett Fehr
Evander LoewenJace PetersWyatt Hildebrand
Chandanjot Ubhi

Team 4 - Green/Black
Sarah Derksen - blakeandsarahjoy@gmail.com
Veronika Reimer - elreimer@gmail.com
Blake DriedgerBrennan HampMalachi Katabiri
Noah LoewenEverett DerksenPhillip Reimer
Chase SchmittRiley NeufeldSilas Goertzen
George PolynkoThorin Voth

Play of Game:

  • Soccer runs from 6:30-7:30 pm every Tuesdays and Thursdays, running for 5 weeks.
  • First 30 minutes will consist of warm-up and practice.
  • For the last 30 minutes., teams will break into 2 smaller teams to play another team.
  • Each coach will ref a small-sided game.
  • WASA will not formally cancel soccer practices. Parents can use their discretion at 6:15. If it is steadily raining, there will not be soccer. A game is cancelled if there is thunder or lightening.


  • Start of game – players don’t move across center line until the ball is kicked.
  • Handball (includes hitting the arm/shoulder) – other team gets possession.
  • Rough play – other team gets possession (kicking in the shins instead of the ball or when player is down).
  • Out of bounds – Sideline – other team throws it in (feet on the ground).
  • Out of bounds – Endline – keeper kicks/throws in the ball or offensive team throws it in.
  • No offside or penalty kicks called.
  • Consult The Laws of the Game Made Easy to understand the calls.
Aug 311 vs 23 vs 4
Sept 22 vs 34 vs 1
Sept 71 vs 32 vs 4
Sept 91 vs 23 vs 4
Sept 142 vs 34 vs 1
Sept 161 vs 32 vs 4
Sept 211 vs 23 vs 4
Sept 232 vs 34 vs 1