4-5 Boys


Convener - Kara Wieler

Team 1 - Orange/White
Wes Harder - wes@choicerealtyltd.com
Draydon PetersAddison PennerLucas Harder
Bentley LoewenAugust BadiouKian Derksen
Ben CoulingTanner HampJoel Fehr
Hudson RempelLucas Hildebrand

Team 2 - Black/Red
Rob Chateauneuf - robc@eliaswoodwork.com
Sarah Hiebert - sarahhiebert19@gmail.com
Brayden ChateauneufBrendt HiebertAaron Kenemy
Dallas FroeseDrezdon ReimerEverette Weins
Noah FriesenJames FordKiratjot
Mason RempelJacob Whitcomb

Team 3 - White/Blue
Nick Wiebe - nickwiebe204@gmail.com
John Trinke - 
Tycin SchmittCreston WarkentinOwen Rachul
Callen GatesKarston UnruhLogan Banman
Caelyn UngerBryce FriesenValera Borissov
Spencer NeufeldMicah Hildebrand

Play of Game:

  • Soccer runs from 6:30-7:30 pm every Tuesdays and Thursdays, running for 5 weeks.
  • First 30 minutes will consist of warm-up and practice.
  • For practice, each team will use half a pitch.
  • For the last 30 minutes teams will play a game
  • Play 7-9 per side
  • Coaches will ref the game
  • If substituting introduce procedure
    • During a stop gap the ref picks a player from the bench and calls a player back from the field
    • The swap at the sideline
  • WASA will not formally cancel soccer practices. Parents can use their discretion at 6:15. If it is steadily raining, there will not be soccer. A game is cancelled if there is thunder or lightening.


  • All rules of soccer now apply
  • New rule for 4/5 is the idea of offside and corner kicks
  • Can introduce the idea of direct/indirect kicks on goal
  • Consult The Laws of the Game Made Easy to understand the calls.

Date15TH ST N/Field A 15TH ST N/Field B/PRACTICE
Aug 311 vs 23
Sept 22 vs 31
Sept 73 vs 12
Sept 91 vs 23
Sept 142 vs 31
Sept 163 vs 12
Sept 211 vs 23
Sept 232 vs 31