6-8 Boys


Convener - Robert Klos

Team 1 - Black/Gold
David Hildebrand - david.susy.hildebrand@hotmail.com
Joe Klassen - joe@capitalbuilding.ca
Arseniy MuntyanuAustin BanmanBrad Hiebert
Carter KlassenSeth NeufeldDanel Gorodkov
Elias KandtEric SiemensGeorge Hildebrand
Greyor FehrJacob RichardJaxon Froese
Timmy NeufeldTony Neufled

Team 2 - Red/White
Stephan Klassen - stephan@live.ca
Gloria Klassen - dandgfive@gmail.com
Caleb ToewsKayden DuclosKingson Wiebe
Mason RumancikMekai SutherlandMyron Guenther
Ronan HeinrichsRudra patelRyder Dymond
Carter RumancikStanley FunkZander
Zeb KlassenTrystin Schmitt

Play of Game:

  • Soccer runs from 6:30-7:30 pm every Tuesdays and Thursdays, running for 5 weeks.
  • First 30 minutes will consist of warm-up and practice.
  • For practice, each team will use half a pitch.
  • For the last 30 minutes teams will play a game
  • Play 7-9 per side
  • Coaches will ref the game
  • If substituting introduce procedure
    • During a stop gap the ref picks a player from the bench and calls a player back from the field
    • The swap at the sideline
  • WASA will not formally cancel soccer practices. Parents can use their discretion at 6:15. If it is steadily raining, there will not be soccer. A game is cancelled if there is thunder or lightening.


  • All rules of soccer now apply
  • Refs can utilize the yellow/red card system for penalties
  • Consult The Laws of the Game Made Easy to understand the calls.

DateStorm Field
Aug 311 vs 2
Sept 21 vs 2
Sept 71 vs 2
Sept 91 vs 2
Sept 141 vs 2
Sept 161 vs 2
Sept 211 vs 2
Sept 231 vs 2