K-1 Girls

Kindergarten – Grade 1 Girls

Convenor - Caitlyn Hoeppner

Team 1 - Purple
Katrina Loewen - katrinaloewen@yahoo.ca
Zach Hildeband - zach_8@hotmail.com
Becks LoewenKiya HildebrandAriana Greyling
Eve SukkauKinsley FroeseLoralie Fehr
Merynne PotterNora NeufeldSkyler Peters
Everly Wiens

Team 2 - California Blue
Kris Kenemy - ckene21@protonmail.com
Dianna Braun - dianna.braun@gvsd.ca
Alaya KenemyNorah BraunAria Enns
Bella PennerCaitlyn IwanowMargaret Anne Polstra
Elizabeth PolstraMila UnruhOlivia Klos
Emma Loewen

Team 3 - Maroon
Mike Froese - vmwmtsnet@gmail.com
Erlene Froese - e25f@hotmail.com
Lili FroeseOlivia FroeseEden Froese
Emerie KuhlIsabella de Castro LimaIsla Suderman
Laura HargesheimerMaya LoewenOlivia Friesen
Tayla Heinrichs

Play of Game:

  • Soccer runs from 6:30-7:30 pm every Tuesdays and Thursdays, running for 5 weeks.
  • First 30 minutes will consist of warm-up and practice.
  • For the last 30 minutes., teams will break into 2 smaller teams of 4 or 5 to play another team.
  • Each coach will ref a small-sided game.
  • WASA will not formally cancel soccer practices. Parents can use their discretion at 6:15. If it is steadily raining, there will not be soccer. A game is cancelled if there is thunder or lightening.


  • No designated Goalkeeper.
  • Start of game – players don’t move across center line until the ball is kicked.
  • No Intentional hand ball (includes use of arm) – other team gets possession
  • Rough play – other team gets possession(i.e. kick another players shins or when he/she is down)
  • Out of bounds – sideline – other team throws it in (both feet on the ground, two hands over the head)
  • Out of bounds – endline – other team throws the ball in at the corner.
  • NO offside or penalty kicks called.
  • Consult The Laws of the Game Made Easy to understand the calls.
DateField C Field D/ PRACTICE
Aug 311 vs 23
Sept 22 vs 31
Sept 73 vs 12
Sept 91 vs 23
Sept 142 vs 31
Sept 163 vs 12
Sept 211 vs 23
Sept 232 vs 31