Policies & Registration

Policies & Registration

The 2022 WASA Soccer Season will run Tuesday and Thursday Nights.

Registration for the 2022 season is now closed.


  • Cheques  – payable to WASA
  • Mailing Address –  Box 1071, Winkler MB R6W 4B4
  • Contact – Kara Wieler (204) 362-8044

CANCELLATIONS:  WASA will formally cancel soccer practice/games on our WASA facebook page by 6pm on the day of the game. Parents can use their discretion on whether or not to attend but coaches will be present (if it is raining or lightning is present by 6pm there will be no soccer).

REFUNDS:  Due to medical circumstances a refund may be requested. Please note the following:
  • If prior to the season $5 is charged and subtracted from the registration fee.
  • Once the season has started a refund will not be issued.          
TEAM REQUESTS/SELECTIONS:  Special Requests may/may not be honoured. The objective of the WASA Executive is to make fair and balanced teams so that soccer can be fun for everyone. The WASA Executive respects special circumstances (co-coaching), but cannot manage over 300 requests that may come in.