Public Health

WASA is required to do their best to follow Public Health Regulations.  Please discourage children from high fives, handshakes, hugs, etc.  
All players, coaches, and volunteers must self-assess before each scheduled activity –
 • Stay informed about the current pandemic status
 • If any participant (players, coaches, volunteers, parents) has any symptoms, they shall not be permitted to participate or be present
 • If any participant has previously been tested positive and has recovered, recommendations provided by the provincial health guidelines should be followed 
• Follow municipal/provincial health authorities’ regulations/guidelines for all areas 
• Spectators must maintain a separation of at least two meters from other spectators.

Please do your best to distance while watching, and remind your child not to hug/high five/shake hands. 

Thank you for your cooperation, we are hoping that by following these guidelines we will be able to play our full 4 weeks.